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boys_paper requests!

hi, if you have any suggestions, requests, or general comments about the community please feel free to leave a comment. if you don't feel comfortable leaving a public comment, feel free to e-mail us at evylprincess716 [@] gmail.com or ourfadedmemory [@] gmail.com and we shall respond as fast as possible.

regarding requests
before you make a request, we have tags and memories make sure to go through them before requesting. we will try and fulfill your requests and if we cannot, we will post the request at the community. i don't want people making request posts right and left, flooding our flists. sorry if this is not to your liking, if you can come up with a better solution, please leave us a comment/e-mail and we will take your suggestion into consideration. thank you!! we do encourage you to make requests and hope that you enjoy our little community!

Also, please be as specific as you can when requesting scans. We reserve the right to ignore requests that are too ambiguous or that make no sense. It will be easier for us and the members to help you if the request is clear. Thank you.

[edit]: regarding requests for wink up, popolo, potato, duet and myojo. i do not buy the magazines the day it is released in japan. i usually get them about a month later because it's cheaper to have them shipped by sea. so if you request scans from the newest magazines, just know that i will not be able to scan them right away.

be sure to check out bp_index and the tags at boys_paper before making any requests!

some other places to check before making requests.
arashi_yuuki Arashi scans (must join community)
jone_records KAT-TUN scans
hadaka no johnnys JE monthly magazine scans
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