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bp index
01 December 2020 @ 11:01 pm
this journal is strictly to organize the scans at boys_paper. it is not necessary to friend this journal, all posts here will be unlocked. we will not add or friend anyone on this journal. the only people allowed are the maintainers.

you will have to join the boys_paper community to see most of the posts.

we are currently looking for volunteers to help update the system. please leave me comment or pm ihearyourtears or ourfadedmemory if you'd like to help. every little bit counts ♥

if you have any entries to add or report errors, please leave a comment at the appropriate post. enjoy and thank you for supporting boys paper ♥
bp index
01 December 2019 @ 10:59 pm
active updaters: epicwaters, hontowa, fallske, e7erlasting, reiko_niji, ihearyourtears, ourfadedmemory
photobooks [a - z]
calendars [a - z]

dvd cover/booklet [a - z]
singles [a - z]
albums [a - r]
various myojo
various popolo
all potato
all wink up
all duet

latest update 03.01.2010: duet, wink up, various misc+television magazines updated by epicwaters.

▪▫ bp index profile is complete :P be sure to check it out!

this is STRICTLY an indexing site for boys_paper. there is no need to be added since all the indexing posts are public. please do not asked to be added.